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Mobygames is *the* resource on the net for computer games. Over 23,000 games are currently listed, on over 60 different platforms, so check it out if there's something you'd like to know about a specific game, or just to find something new to play. Read reviews, check out cover art and screenshots of the games. It's based on the idea that anyone can contribute, so sign up today!

Home of the Underdogs

Home of the Underdogs is the place to go to if you're looking for a game that might not have been a block-buster of its time, but still shouldn't be overlooked. They also has a certain knack for turning up games that most people never even knew existed for PC.

Jeff's Jumpman Project

Jeff's Jumpman project is a complete disassembly and re-assembly of the classic Jumpman. Now it works on modern computers, under Windows and runs at the proper speed! Source code available for download, and even a leveleditor! (still in the beta stages).

Jeff's Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Project

After finishing with Jumpman, Jeff started work on a new project, this time Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. With the same goals as for Jumpman, the game is now playable on modern computers, and even has Soundblaster support.

Andrew Jenner's Digger Page

Digger's back, baby, remastered! Much like Jeff did with Jumpman, Andrew Jenner did with Digger. Now the classic works on any PC with CGA or better, or if you don't have that, why not try Java Digger? Ported to a number of platforms, including Windows, Unix, AmigaOS, Mac OS X and Sega Dreamcast.

Emulators, Utilities and Tools



Flopper, the Bootable Floppy Disk Emulator, a program that runs image files of bootable games, such as the ones found here on Retrograde Station. Very useful, since most bootable games came on 5,25" disks, and who has that kind of drives anymore? (Well, I do, but that's beside the point). You can slow the games down, since most games run too fast on modern computers, and save screenshots from your favorite games.


The world's first Tandy 1000 and IBM PCjr emulator! If you've never owned a Tandy, download and experience old games again. Sierra made good use of the enhanced features of the Tandy, such as 16 color graphics and 3 voice sound, in a day when CGA and beeper were the PC standards. Included in the package is a demo disk from Sierra and a special Tandy version of Transylvania.


Multiple Emulator Super System. It can now emulate PC and Tandy 1000HX, with the correct ROMs to go with the systems. The Tandy 1000HX ROMs can be found here on Retrograde Station, on the Tandy 1000 page. ROMs for other systems are available elsewhere on the web. With MESS you can play these old booting games at their correct speed, without the hazzle of slowdown programs and such.


DOSBox is basically what it sounds like. A DOS emulator. Great for playing old DOS games that either don't work at all, or run way too fast under current operating systems.


WinImage is (basically) a program to write image files back to floppy disks in Windows. It has support for a number of different formats, such as raw disk images, zipped images and CD-rom ISOs. If the disk image is DOS compatible, you can also extract and delete files from the image.

Technical Resources is dedicated to old school gaming & nostalgia. It also has guides on how to get your old software to run on modern computers, oldskool tales and lots of other resources.

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