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Spy Hunter
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Download boot image (26 kb) (includes non-CGA patch)
Download DOS conversion (25 kb)
Flopper status: Works.
Mobygames game rap sheet



Serve as a tapper, serving beer to violent customers. Make sure that you serve them before they reach the end of the bar, or they'll run you over it. If a customer wants more than one beer, get his glass before it hits the floor.

Once in a while, someone leaves a tip, pick it up to start a dance show that will keep some customers occupied for a while. Once all the customers have been served, you've cleared the level and will move on to the next.

There's also a bonus round, where you have to figure out which can hasn't been shaken.

Download boot image (41 kb)
Download DOS conversion (41 kb)
Flopper status: Works, no Chooser. (it shows title screen for about 25 seconds, then goes to the menu)
Mobygames game rap sheet