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WARNING! This site contains explicit material than are only suitable for really anachronistic individuals. Persons habituated to flashy 32-bit 3D-accellerated graphics may contract aesthetic overload from the clean simpleness of pre-1990 2-bit CGA graphics. If you experience dizziness, nausea, epileptic seizures or psychotic episodes, please immediately consult a physician (this is advisable even when not in the vicinity of Retrograde Station). You enter this site at your own risk, and by entering Retrograde Station, you agree to that Retrograde Station holds no responsibility for physical, psychological, mental and/or social consequences.

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Retrograde Station (referring both to the site and the owners of the site) contains material ("ROMs") that still may formally be copyrighted somewhere (even though most proprietors of the games contained herein have waived and relinquished any copyright claims, some have even been reported as crying in joy that people not only remember but actually still want to play their ages-old games). Nevertheless, by entering Retrograde Station, you ("the user") agree to and certify that

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